Pink, Purple, and Pumpkins – Fall Home Refresh

Fall is one of my favorite times of the year. I love the food, fashion, and of course, the decor. It seems like my fall decor goes up a little earlier each year. Which makes sense, because my Christmas decorations go up earlier each year too. Last year, Atlas and I decorated the tree before Thanksgiving. My excuse for decorating early is that I want to enjoy the decorations for as long as possible. I love the warmth and festiveness of holiday decor. It really changes the mood of the house and makes me want to wear fuzzy socks, bake cookies, and watch movies on the couch.

My home decor style is contemporary with touches of glam. I like to use neutral bases and add interesting pops of color and shine. For the past few years, I have gotten away from using orange as the primary color in my fall decor. I’ve been more drawn to purple, and this year, pink. My decor consists of items that I’ve collected over the seasons, and some new pieces that I found in JoAnn Fabrics and Hobby Lobby this year. My must-have home and decor items to set the tone for fall are pumpkins, floral arrangements, and scented candles.

I made two fall floral arrangements this year. One for the dining room table centerpiece and one for the entryway. All of the flowers were purchased from JoAnn Fabrics. They have a large selection of floral bushes and stems to choose from, and the quality is great. If you wrap and store them properly, you can continue to use the flowers year after year. In fact, the flowers and pumpkins on the centerpiece were purchased last year, and they look just as fresh as the new ones in the entryway.

These are the flowers that I purchased last year. They still look great!

To create the full look, I arranged the flowers and pumpkins inside of a wooden tray that I purchased from Hobby Lobby. I always cut the flowers off of the stems so that I have individual pieces to work with and arrange however I want. Then, just start with the largest pieces and work your way down to the smaller pieces. Make sure to purchase a variety of colors and shapes so that your final product is interesting. Don’t be afraid to include unexpected items. I added a metal cutout of the word “thankful” that I found in the dollar spot at Target.

I styled the centerpiece with a purple velvet runner, and I love how it turned out.

I arranged the pink flowers in a vase, again working from the biggest flowers to the smallest ones. If you’re interested in purchasing these flowers to recreate the look, click on the pictures below. You can also watch the videos at the end of this blog post to watch me create each of these arrangements in under 20 seconds.

Here’s the final arrangement, and how I styled it on top of our shoe cabinet at the front of the house.

The final area where I made decor updates was the shelving unit in the dining room. I always make a few changes to refresh this area for the different seasons. Since units like these hold a lot of items in a small space, it’s the perfect opportunity to create a big impact.

Items pictured:

Silver Glass Pumpkin – Homegoods. Marble Coasters – Homegoods. Candle Holder – Homegoods. Black Cherry Merlot Candle – Bath & Body Works. Potpourri Vase – At Home. Copper Wine Tumblers – Walmart. Pumpkin Shaped Candle – Homegoods. Purple Wooden Flowers – JoAnn Fabrics. Golden Acorn – Hobby Lobby. Glass Candle Holders – IKEA. Mirror Box – Ashley Furniture Home Store

I’m so happy with how everything turned out with my fall decor this year. Have you decorated for fall yet?

Desktop viewing may require full screen mode to see the full video frame.

17 responses to “Pink, Purple, and Pumpkins – Fall Home Refresh”

  1. I join others in saying I love the idea of different fall colors. They seem like jewel tones that I might use for Christmas, as I rarely do the red and green. The arrangements looks amazing!


  2. I love how the colors are style bright and classic not the typical orange and browns that we see too often….love your creativity!!


  3. Love how the shelving unit came out so simple and chic !!! You have a great eye for decor . Don’t feel bad I left my tree up til March.


  4. Sis!!! You are so inspirational. Just in case no one has told you that in a while! I love the unique use of color. The colors that you use… I would have never thought to pair together and to pair with fall!! 👏🏾🤎🍂


    • Thank you so much, Nyesha! You’re always so positive and kind. I’ve really been into the nontraditional colors for the past few years. Maybe I’ll go back to orange one day, but not today!


  5. I love all of this 😍😍I am planning to decorate this week/coming weekend and I want to use navy, copper and another pop of color that will have to just jump out at me as I shop 😂 love the non traditional colors here and it still seems sooooo festive and fall.


  6. Your decor is beautiful so far!!! I’ve definitely been inspired to go ahead & get mine out. I love seeing non-traditional colors used for holiday decor. I usually go that route for Christmas but this fall, I’m sticking to a neutral palette of muted traditional colors. Can’t wait to see what else you share this season 🖤


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