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DIY Indoor Pumpkin Patch – Doing the Most to Make My Baby Smile

I’ll start by saying that I am fully aware that this is extra. With all of the holidays coming up, my “doing the most” side has completely kicked in and there’s no turning back for the rest of the year. That being said, there was actually a very rational sequence of events that led me to this point.

You can’t talk about 2020 without mentioning COVID-19, and just like many of your families, our experiences this year have been impacted by the pandemic. I have not yet felt comfortable taking Atlas anywhere due to the potential exposure. Since March, he has only been on walks outside and to his doctor’s office. I know what you’re thinking, and no, not even Target.

I went back and forth with myself for the longest, trying to decide if I wanted to take Atlas to a pumpkin patch or not. After all, it is outside. When I finally started researching pumpkin patches in my area, the very first one that I found had a picture of a man with a confederate flag belt buckle right on the front page of the website. I was completely turned off to the whole idea. There would be no pumpkin patch for us.

A few days later, I had a very vivid dream of an indoor pumpkin patch. I couldn’t get the idea out of my mind, so I went to a few stores and made it happen. And now, here we are!

I purchased everything from Target, JoAnn Fabrics and Dollar Tree. Links are below if you’re interested in recreating this indoor pumpkin patch. Putting it all together was like creating a large scale arrangement. I used the same technique that I use for my floral arrangements, starting with the largest items and working my way to the smallest. I positioned the hay bales first, then added the pumpkins, scarecrows, sign, and leaves.

This indoor pumpkin patch came together really quickly, and Atlas has been having a blast playing with everything. He loves carrying around the pumpkins and touching the leaves. I’m so glad that I was able to create this for him and give him the experience of a pumpkin patch at home! It’s awesome that he can play with it whenever he wants. Unlike the outdoor pumpkin patch, he can play for 5 minutes and move on to something else without us feeling like we have to stay because we made a long trip.

Everything else aside, an indoor pumpkin patch is a great fall activity for toddlers and older children. I used faux pumpkins and faux leaves, so this little pumpkin patch will be popping up for years to come! I also kept the hay bales wrapped. Not only will this keep them in tact longer, it also keeps hay from getting all over my floor. Truly a win-win situation.

Creating this indoor pumpkin patch has really solidified for me that as parents, we will do anything for our children. We do whatever it takes to ensure that they have what they need, and then we go further. We go above and beyond to give them new experiences that enrich their lives and bring them joy. Nothing can hold us back. The next time you have an idea, no matter how extra it seems, go for it! You’ll be more than happy. You’ll be fulfilled and proud. And so will your child!

Have you brought any outdoor activities indoors due to COVID-19? What’s your plan for Halloween this year?

This post contains affiliate links and I receive a commission if you visit a link and make a purchase. There is no additional cost to you, and I only recommend products and services that I trust.


  1. I loved this indoor pumpkin patch idea! I was also wondering where you got those pumpkins from so I’m happy you linked them in here. Can’t wait to see what next years will look like


  2. I loved this idea, and I was wondering where those pumpkins were from so I’m so happy that you made this post. Can’t wait to see how he grows for next years indoor pumpkin patch.


  3. Priceless! These are the things that your child will never forget, even if they only remember them through pictures. Super creative and easy to do.


  4. This is seriously the cutest idea!! My daughter has really been missing home lately, and with fall coming, so have I. I miss pumpkin patches, taffy apples, apple cider and changing leaves. So I just might have to try this – for the kids and myself! Thank you for the beautiful inspiration.


  5. Yes, it’s extra but I love it. You got to make your son smile and gave yourself peace. With everything else we definitely have to think outside the box. I especially love that you kept the hay wrapped for no mess.


  6. This is so great! Extra, yes, but great!! Lol. I’m also on the fence about outdoor fall festivities with the family, so maybe I’ll take your idea and turn a part of our Garage or formal living room into a pumpkin patch! Can’t wait to see what you come up with for Christmas!


    1. Thank you so much! The garage or formal living room are great options. I set this up in the middle of my regular living room area so now there are going to be pumpkins everywhere for a while 😂


  7. I love this idea, Taylor! Extra or not, we seriously have to get creative like this, in such crazy times. & Atlas looks so excited! ❤ The pumpkin patch we wanted to go to isn’t open this season so Leana doesn’t get to experience it either but I created a similar display on our front porch that she’s loving! Wish I had kept the hay bales wrapped though bc that stuff is a mess 🥴


    1. Thank you so much, Chelsey! We definitely have to think outside the box (or inside the house) this year. That hay is a mess! I saw it on the inside of that wrapping and Said no ma’am!


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