Sharing Champagne & Celebrating Memories

Thank you to WTSO for sponsoring this post. As always, all opinions are my own.

Can you believe the year is almost over? Seriously, how is there only one more day left in November? The last part of the year always seems to fly by. With the big three (Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas) back to back each month from October to December, these last few months are fun and festive but also incredibly fast paced.

That’s why the holidays are the perfect time to reflect and look back on special memories. August and I took a night to have a quiet (aka kid-free) dinner and talk about our engagement trip to Europe. What made it even better was pairing the conversation with Brigitte Delmotte Blanc de Blancs Brut N/V from WTSO. 

For our engagement, August surprised me with a two week trip to Europe. We started in London where we stayed at a hotel in Leicester Square. It was a really good central location with lots to see and do all around. We rode double decker busses, had a proper tea, visited Shakespeare’s Globe, and watched the changing of the guard at Buckingham palace. I also found out that I have been completely wrong about London Bridge my entire life. I thought it was the big fancy one, but that’s actually Tower Bridge. Raise your hand if you thought the same thing. Don’t worry. No judgement here.

After a few days in London, we flew to Rome and stayed in a hotel that was steps away from the Pantheon. Insane! I’m not gonna lie, Rome took a toll on me. It was really hot, and I was not prepared for the level of effort that would be required for a clumsy person like me to walk on cobblestone all day without tripping. Even though I was exhausted, Rome was amazing. We visited the Colosseum, Vatican City, and the Sistine Chapel. Rome also had the most amazing food, hands-down. Pizza and pasta… Need I say more?

After a few days in Rome, we ended our trip in Paris. Without question, Paris was the most romantic of all the cities we visited. We held hands as we strolled beside the tree lined streets and danced on the steps of the Palais Garnier as music filled the air. I don’t know what kind of magic exists in Paris, but I know it’s real. Otherwise, I would have never been one of only two people dancing in public. August strategically planned the very last day of our trip to coincide with my birthday. After visiting the Louvre and the Eiffel tower, we ended our night with the most romantic dinner on a cruise across the Seine River. It was beyond perfect.

It was on this dinner cruise that I was first introduced to Blanc de Blancs champagne. We were served a kir cocktail made with a Blanc de Blancs champagne and it was incredible. Like, signature drink at my wedding incredible. Oh, did you think I was gonna not make the delicious and sentimental champagne cocktail the signature drink at my wedding? You must be new here. Allow me to introduce myself. Hi, I’m extra.

But back to our dinner. Reliving our trip while enjoying the champagne was such a vibe. It really put me right back on that river cruise in Paris. I could close my eyes and recreate the entire experience. The gentle rocking of the boat, the sound of the live singer and band, and the gorgeous scenery all around us. 

August and I are not big drinkers. We typically only have wine for special occasions, but when we do, we want to have something that we know we will enjoy. I can honestly say that the Blanc de Blancs from Brigitte Delmotte is going to be my go-to when it comes to champagne. It was so refreshing and crisp. Perfect for special occasions or days when you just want to add a little sparkle to the menu. 

One thing about me, I like to stay home. Loungewear is bae and online shopping is my jam. If I have to leave the house to get something, I’m going to second guess if I really need it. I will sit and weigh the pros and cons of leaving to get the thing versus staying home and not having it. Spoiler alert – staying home usually wins. That’s why I love WTSO. I can order wines for myself and gifts for others without having to put on shoes or a jacket. You literally can’t lose.

The 2021 Holiday Collection is a compilation of wines specifically curated for gifting. This year’s collection also includes a variety of gift sets and a fun blind tasting kit that would be perfect for holiday get togethers. 

In addition to our champagne, I also got the Domaine Carneros Brut Rosé N/V Gift Pack which is already packaged for gifting. This one immediately made me think of my sister and will be perfect for her to enjoy while celebrating the New Year. The gift pack comes with a box and paper shreds inside. I went ahead and swapped out the paper for gold tinsel to make it extra festive. Now all it needs is a wine bag or some pretty wrapping paper and a bow. It’s so easy, I’m about to be like Oprah. You get a bottle! And you get a bottle! Everybody gets a bottle!!

Be sure to check out WTSO for your holiday wine orders. Use code TAYLOR10 through January 1, 2022 to save $10 off your first purchase of $50 or more on

Must be 21+ to order. Drink responsibly.

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